Don't Suffer In a Sweltering Home

Don't Suffer In a Sweltering Home

Bring back cool air with an air conditioning installation in Lubbock, TX

Did your air conditioner break down? If it's severely damaged, the most efficient option might be a new air conditioning installation. Rescue Heating & Air performs AC replacements in Lubbock, TX and can give your HVAC system an honest inspection. Our HVAC contractor will recommend the proper repairs. If your unit is too damaged, we can provide a complete replacement.

If you decide to install a new unit, you'll get a detailed explanation of your options. Not all air conditioners are the same, and our contractor can explain the different models and designs to help you choose a system that will cool your home effectively.

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What to consider when choosing an AC unit

The last thing you want when installing a new air conditioner is to end up with a system that doesn't cool your home. Make sure you get the unit you want by considering these factors:

  • The cooling capacity of the unit
  • The ratings and reviews of the unit
  • How energy-efficient the unit is
  • What kind of warranty the unit comes with

A unit that's more powerful and efficient might cost more upfront, but can save you money in the long run by reducing your energy bill. Discuss your options with our knowledgeable HVAC contractor in Lubbock, Texas by calling 806-559-8121.